Lawsuits are no longer tried exclusively in the courtroom.  They are also tried in the court of public opinion.  Additionally, public policy makers and government institutions are increasingly being drawn into reviewing, commenting, and thereby, impacting complex litigation matters that can have a significant influence on the outcome of cases.  Managing the environment outside the courtroom has become essential to winning cases in this new 24/7 news-cycle.  Our professionals at The Potomac Alliance, some of which are trained lawyers, have the experience and expertise to partner with litigators to develop and implement a communications plan that is strictly aligned with the litigation strategy and positions our clients for success.

Our portfolio of Litigation Communications services includes:

  • For Pre and Post-Filing, New and Traditional Media Strategy & Message Development
  • Web-based Public Opinion Polling, Opposition Research, and Counter-Messaging
  • Analysis and Tracking of Social Media Commentary and Blog Posts
  • Planning and Implementing Comprehensive Social Media Advocacy Campaigns
  • Engagement on Social Media Platforms to Advance the Litigation Interests of Clients
  • Strategic Media Placement of Op-Ed’s and Earned Media in Targeted Publications
  • Building On-Line/Off-Line 3RD Party Alliances to Engage on Client Litigation Interests
  • New and Traditional Media Training for Lawyers
  • Planning and Execution of News Conferences
  • Video Production for Web Syndication of Key Message Points

We also believe it is important to integrate Government Affairs services with litigation communications strategies in order to raise the profile and the oversight of all relevant government authorities concerning the underlying legal matter.  We have substantial experience initiating legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts in support of the litigation strategy.