Businesses with overseas manufacturing interests, investments, and import-export operations cannot succeed without a clear understanding of how other countries regulate manufacturing, investment, and cross-border commerce.  To thrive in a global economy, companies must take full account of the political, economic, and regulatory risks in the countries in which they manufacture, invest, and sell.

The Potomac Alliance, through its on-the-ground network of professionals, offers technical expertise in two key regions: Brussels/Geneva (EU) and Beijing (China/ASEAN).  Our professionals can provide you with customized and value-added service in the following areas:

  • Facilitate trade (inbound/outbound), ensure regulatory compliance, and support cross-border investment
  • Review specific market access requirements and potential trade barriers
  • Coordinate with relevant government officials and regional/local business organizations
  • Conduct due diligence reviews of potential joint-venture partners
  • Provide trade remedy assistance on tariff and anti-dumping/countervailing duty-related matters
  • Guide foreign corporations looking to invest in the United States through M&A activities
  • Liaison and trip advance support for senior executives traveling to Europe and Asia
  • Implement strategic and crisis communication plans in overseas markets

Our professionals are proficient in Mandarin Chinese and French, and maintain conversational ability in Russian and German.

** In addition to our own professionals, The Potomac Alliance has trusted relationships with trade lawyers based in China and the ASEAN region.